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Experts in Technology Recruitment
 Experts in Technology Recruitment  

Recruitment processes are unique. The number of people you are hiring, your time frame, the skill set you require, whether you need contract or permanent staff and much more all effect how you need to attract and hire candidates for your business. FDO Consulting understands this and work with you to find the best solution. Hiring the right staff is critical so ensuring you have the best and most relevant recruitment process is key.


In addition to ensuring you have the right process we know your market and where suitable candidates will currently work.

We ‘market map’ the industries we specialise in allowing us to understand who your competitors are, who works for them and the salary and benefits they pay. This helps determine the recruitment process and whether to attract candidates directly from competitors or from the broader market.


Processes include –

• Working as a Sole Agent managing your recruitment. This can be through the HR team or with line managers directly.
• Working as part of a Preferred Supplier List of Agencies

• Working in partnership with internal recruitment teams. We understand the value they bring and are used to working to their processes.

• Working in partnership with Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies. Again, we are used to working with them and used to working to their processes.
• Working on an Executive Search and Selection basis. For many senior hires Executive Search is the best way to attract candidates. FDO have over twenty years’ experience of retained search.
• Working as an internal Recruitment Manager on a project basis. This can be on a day rate or project cost.

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