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Experts in Technology Recruitment
 Experts in Technology Recruitment  

All advice and services provided to candidates is free of charge. Candidates can come on to the market for many reasons including career progression, to learn new skills and technologies, seeking a higher salary and/ or benefits package, relocation, redundancy, graduation or having been head-hunted. Whereas some candidates love the excitement and challenge of interviewing for and starting a new role other candidates find it a stressful process which they do not enjoy.

We provide help and guidance to all candidates throughout the recruitment process. Honest advice and feedback will be given at all times and we are happy to speak with candidates looking for new roles or candidates who would like market information. Speaking to candidates often allows them to decide if they do want to seek a new role externally or whether they should review internal opportunities. Many candidates we represent become our clients due to the service we have provided them.

Advice and guidance includes –

• Market rate and availability for their experience.
• How to approach and speak to their current company about career progression and/ or salary increases.
• Guidance on how companies recruit and how to approach them
• Advice and help with writing and presenting CV’s.
• Advice and help with preparing for interviews.
• Advice and help on negotiating offers and leaving your current role.

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